Video: Hands on with Xbox One & PS4 versions of Project CARS at EGX in London

Earlier today, I managed to get my first hands on time with demos of both Xbox One and PS4 versions of Project CARS at Eurogamer’s EGX event in London. I also managed to have a brief conversation with Lee Kirton, who is a long time member of the Slightly Mad Studios team. Lee was as open as possible about the game, but (understandably) wasn’t able to answer my more probing questions (such as, will there be dedicated online servers for the console versions of Project CARS). However, Lee did state that the PS4 and Xbox One (my video of the Xbox One version of the demo can be found here) versions of the game were both running at 60 frames per second, with the PS4 version managing 1080p and the Xbox One running at a slightly lower resolution (Lee did not say exactly what the resolution was, but commented that the Xbox One version’s resolution was still a work in progress, and resolution of the demo wasn’t necessarily representative of the completed game). If there’s one thing that I gleaned from the demo, it’s that Project CARS will be a great looking game on both PS4 and XB1. Unsurprisingly, in terms of visual style, the game reminded me of the Shift games (being as those games were also developed by Slightly Mad Studios) but with much more detail, higher resolution and a more “realistic” art style. The day to night cycle (as seen in the off-screen video) is very impressive with some gorgeous lighting effects on the Dubai Autodrome track. The attention to detail in cockpit of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 car is second to none (Turn 10, take note), with working rear view camera video screen and detailed animations (e.g. the drivers feet can be seen pushing pedals when throttle and brakes are activated). Unfortunately, the way the game was set up in the demo (Lee stated that the games handling and AI options were adjusted to a level that made it easy for anyone to play) meant it was not possible to get an idea of how the handling and AI would fare in the final game. The PS4 demo’s handling was at least solid and weighty, if (purposefully, for this particular demo) uncomplicated. Lee was quick to point out that the full, unassisted handling model was much more complex and very much that of a racing simulator. It’s also worth pointing out that I played both versions of the game with a standard game controller, rather than a racing wheel. All-in-all, my hands-on time with Project CARS has done nothing to lessen my expectation of this highly anticipated title.


4 thoughts on “Video: Hands on with Xbox One & PS4 versions of Project CARS at EGX in London

  1. on forums I see people comparing this game’s graphics with Driveclub’s and in most videos the latter looks way better. But now I see this video here and notice that the visual quality is much higher than on those supposedly comparing the PC version to PS3. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    Like for example this vid, Pcars on PC hardly looks better than GT6:

  2. I’m not salty , but I never would want it at 1080p, or most my games.
    The guy’s in the Xbox forum said racing on TV is broadcast at 720p, so
    your getting closer to the real experience.
    Nothing to do with the Xbox one having a weak TV box graphics processor.

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