Confirmed: Project cars delayed until March 2015


Following an abundance of internet rumours yesterday, Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that they are delaying the launch of Project Cars by four months, to March 2015.

The game will now launch in North America on Tuesday, 17th of March and in Europe on Friday, 20th.

The reasons given for delaying the game relate to the crowded Christmas launch window not being ideal to launch the game into, and also the need for more development time to bring the racer up to scratch.

SundayRacers opinion: This will surely be a bitter pill to swallow for Project Cars fans. However, this delay is far from the disaster that some people currently feel that it is. In fact, it could well be the game’s saviour.

I played both Xbox one and PS4 versions of the game at EGX in London, and whilst I was impressed with both, the overall feeling that I came away with was that the game still had a considerable amount of development time left to go until it could be considered to be finished.

Slightly Mad now have that time, and they have also stated that they have the budget to continue to develop the game up until the new launch date in March.

Slightly Mad have stated that they could have had the game ready for its original November release, but at the cost of some level of quality.

Once over their disappointment, I would imagine that the majority of fans will be accepting of the delay, given the likely increase in quality that the extra development time will allow.


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